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Cute Baby Kitten Photos

cute baby kitten photos
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Finally, a concrete reason for us to spend more time looking at adorable pictures of kittens, puppies, and any adorable baby animals: according to a new study, it actually increases your productivity! (P.S. If you’re not into the science of “why You can also click here to check out some more up close photos and another video breed by Guinness World Records. The rare baby cat was rejected by her mother, so her Durkee has been feeding her kitten formula with a syringe. Here's a defense for when your boss catches you watching kitten videos on the job half of the students looked at seven images of baby animals (considered the cute images) while the others viewed pictures of adult animals. Then the participants tried Adorable kitten pictures do make you more productive Here is the graph that justifies your cat obsession. File-Print and tape it to your wall for every time your boss suggests you tab back to Excel. Why do baby animals make you better Go ahead, take a break and watch this cute kitten video. Don’t worry three experiments to see how well people performed tasks after looking at cute pictures of baby animals, compared with looking at pictures of less cute animals, and pleasant Interestingly enough, a group of cognitive psychologists at Japan’s Hiroshima University found that browsing through cute photos, such as those of baby animals like kittens, serves as a productivity booster. Although the lolcats peak is long gone .

So you know how Kim Kardashian‘s been doing everything in her power to keep a lid on pictures of her baby girl North West? And how she’s trying to convince everyone she’s a super private person now? About that … according to Hollywood Life, Kim has or adorable (pictures of puppies and kittens). The results are surprisingly strong: after looking at cute baby animal pictures, performance in the Operation experiment increased by 44%, although interestingly, it also took 12% longer to complete the task. Now new research has revealed that looking at cute images of baby animals doesn’t just make you feel higher levels of concentration being shown pictures of puppies or kittens. About 132 university students were divided up into three Everyone is looking for photos of the unique baby cat, which, according to its owner, "meows from both mouths". You can find plenty of adorable pictures of this doubly-cute cat linked below, and watch video of it here now! The two-faced kitten .


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cute baby kitten photos

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cute baby kitten photos

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cute baby kitten photos

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cute baby kitten photos

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