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Cute Sleeping Kitten

cute sleeping kitten
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Too cute! Too cute!" (It's a terrible habit, we know. We really must try to toughen up a bit.) Anyway, want to know what's brought this on? It's the video above, which shows YouTuber Spug Spugley's new kitten Bean, who - it turns out - is very easy to It appears internet users like nothing more than photo galleries of cute cats curled up in various awkward sleeping positions. The Full Sit-up: A snoozing cat grabs 40 winks (Picture: Facebook) Type ‘cats asleep pictures’ into Google and the search If your cat starts sleeping a lot more or a lot less than usual, contact your veterinarian. Excessive sleep could be a sign of illness or pain, while frequent wakefulness can indicate a problem such as hyperthyroidism. Do your cats have any odd -- or cute Here’s a cute video to break up the tedium box reinforced with duct tape for catching stray kittens? Ugh, fine — Blumberg has noticed, through careful observation of sleeping baby rats, that what we in our hopeless myopia perceive as random Horsham-based international wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation, is urging people to do nothing for charity as part of their Big Cat Nap week: 1st – 7th July 2013. The Big Cat Nap will see people donning pyjamas, snoozing in the garden Taylor Swift's got the AWWWHH factor today after she posted a picture of her adorable grey and white cat Meredith sleeping on her Twitter has enough time on her hands to not only upload the pictures onto Twitter for her fans to see, but to turn them .

and here it is: Fluffington seems to take the whole wacky adventure in stride, though the Johnsens had best watch their backs until their pretty Pop Tart Kitty gets his inevitable revenge. (Cute Real Live Nyan Cat image via Cnet Australia) Taylor Swift, a self-proclaimed cat lady, shared an especially cute meme of her famed cat Meredith on Twitter, proving that her kitty is not only cute, but she’s hilarious, too. “Found her sleeping like this. No idea how she didn’t suffocate on her The video above is of a cute French like a train and I had to vacate the room, gagging and laughing at the same time. Whelp, as is reddit tradition, I have to edit here and say my top rated comment of all time is about my dead dog's farts. If you've ever tried to wake up a conked-out significant other on a lazy weekend morning, you probably know this feeling. One of these kittens wants to play, but the other just wants to keep on snoozing. Guess who wins? In this video posted by .


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cute sleeping kitten

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cute sleeping kitten

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cute sleeping kitten

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cute sleeping kitten

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