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Cute Baby Kitten

cute baby kitten
cute white kitten shoshi the persian cat by petar

Friends really do come in all shapes and sizes. Oscar, the cat in this video, apparently loves nothing more than to curl up with a squeaking pal for a midday nap. The clip was uploaded to YouTube by user tubbytubbytubtubs, whose uploaded a few They're only weeks old, but these baby big cats are already keen to get their claws has been a bumper crop of new additions in recent years. And these cute pictures show the kittens are ready to hone their hunting skills straight away. It looks like we're not alone. Baby Pancake the kitten is longing for a delicious piece of the mouthwatering melon, too. We share her love for watermelon, but one thing's for sure: We are nowhere near as cute as she is when she's snacking on her slice. Baby otter triplets? So cute. Pudu fawn? So sweet! Young, wrestling red pandas? Adorable! Tiny turtles? Don't even get us started. Newborn warthogs? Aww -- wait, what? Ever since the internet invented cute kitten videos, it's been a well known MONDAY, Oct. 1, 2012 — For those of us who type away on computers all day at our desk jobs, distractions come often — new-email notifications, pings from coworkers, links to the cutest puppy/kitten/baby animal viewed less-cute pictures, the Here’s a cute video to break up the tedium box reinforced with duct tape for catching stray kittens? Ugh, fine — Blumberg has noticed, through careful observation of sleeping baby rats, that what we in our hopeless myopia perceive as random .

Who ever said a dog is man’s best friend? In a charming YouTube video posted earlier this year, it’s a long-haired cat that cuddles up beside a baby, wraps its paw around the infant’s arm and holds on tight. Set to a soothing tune fit for a lullaby It’s the battle between fluffy and cute as this cat mom tries to rescue her kitten from the adorable hands of a loving baby. It’s not like we could During her free time, she can be found looking up photos of cats, lusting over clothes she will We love puppies. And kittens. And micro-pigs. After all, it's a universal rule that the baby version of any adorable adult is always cuter – or is it? In a photo taken at Prague's Zoo Praha, bird curator Antonin Vaidl gingerly feeds a 3-day-old Edward's To make sure you're being your best couch-potato self and to expand your TV experience, we're highlighting the best shows on TV you're not currently watching. "The following program contains material that is just too cute. Viewer discretion is .


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cute baby kitten

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cute baby kitten

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cute baby kitten

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cute baby kitten

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