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Cute Kitten Youtube

cute kitten youtube
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YouTube recently celebrated its eighth birthday, reminding us that less than a decade ago we had no access to cute cat videos, screaming goat clips and viral trends such as the Harlem Shake. For YouTube's Comedy Week, the Gregory Brothers pay (CBS News) While we now know that "mecha-feline overlords" are likely on their way soon, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some cute cat videos here on The Feed until they arrive. And what's more enjoyable than a game of "boop" with a furry friend? SAN FRANCISCO YouTube says more than 1 billion people are now visiting its online video site each month to watch everything from zany clips of cute kittens to sobering scenes of social unrest around the world. The milestone announced Wednesday We'll just have to chalk it up to a happy circumstance in which neither the cat nor the tape measure suffers any harm while everyone else gets to enjoy a half-minute of guiltless joy. (via YouPouch) First Grumpy Cat and now Lil Bub. Hollywood is looking to take advantage of our love of cats by giving Lil Bub her own talk show. Yes, the Discovery Communications-owned Revision3 is giving a cat a talk show. According to The Wrap, Lil Bub and The young "filmmaker," who YouTube user Angrybirdreyes identifies as Chris, spends 46 seconds fawning over a seemingly-abandoned kitten. "Look at how cute this is. Look at, how cute" Chris says with his adorable little kid lisp before .

A video of a cute ginger cat playing with a vacuum cleaner has become a viral hit, having already achieved more than two million views on YouTube. The 38-second clip shows the moggy continually letting the vacuum suck up its tongue while it grasps the nozzle. In the last few years, Google has been trying to turn YouTube from the Wild West of cute kitten and skateboarding accident videos into a legitimate place where people can return regularly to watch their favorite video personalities. Last year My cat Jedi was immediately fascinated on a level that There are millions of videos of cute cats doing cute things on YouTube, so I thought why not entertain the YouTube star itself (and the owner) at the same time?" If you want to give That's just over four worth days of video. Doing the math, that means YouTube handles 6,000 hours of video uploads every hour, or 250 days worth of watching cute cat or Korean pop singer clips. Not everything has been smooth for Google and YouTube lately .


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cute kitten youtube

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cute kitten youtube

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cute kitten youtube

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